Dragonflies for Ruby relies solely on volunteers, fundraising, and other charitable contributions to provide support and services to families enduring pregnancy and infant loss. While payment is not required for you to receive support, it is highly encouraged to keep us sustainable. Each birth Dragonflies for Ruby doulas attend costs between $300 and $600 due to hospital parking fees, mementos, photograph printing, insurance and liability coverage, childcare for the doula, administrative costs (such as website and marketing), aftercare to support such as breast pumps or lactation suppression items) and other supplies.

In order to continue to provide services at NO COST to families, Dragonflies for Ruby relies on support from others. We thank you for providing financially to Dragonflies for Ruby. Click here for payment of services or to contribute to this ministry.

Your monetary support provides:

  • In-person support to a family enduring pregnancy loss.
  • Telephone and email support for families enduring pregnancy loss.
  • $5 provides a free book to a family enduring miscarriage.
  • Mementos
  • Funeral Planning Services
  • Lactation support (to include breast pumps or lactation suppression)

Recommended contributions based on support provided:

  • $500-$1200 for in-person support during miscarriage or stillbirth
  • $35-$150 for the 12-week therapeutic mentorship program
  • $60 for a one hour in-person mentoring session
  • $50 for birth professional consulting
  • $35 for phone consultation/mentoring
  • $25 for attending the Birth Professionals Support Group

Contributions to Dragonflies for Ruby are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions.