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Birth Professionals Support Group - Dragonflies for RubySupport without Fear

Has your doula client been diagnosed as going through a miscarriage or just learned that her baby may die or has died?

Have you been asked to photograph a miscarriage or stillbirth?

Did you recently attend a stillbirth or miscarriage and need to talk with someone about what you saw and what you are feeling?

When asked to assist with such a sad experience, you may feel overwhelmed and frightened about assisting the family during this journey. Anxiety is certainly understandable even with your strong willingness to help. Without you, this family would be alone. You are so strong for opening your heart to help the family. I am a mentor who is available to help you through this anxious and sad time.

We will discuss options for making this experience a bit more comfortable for the family as well as working through tasks you can do to create some amazing mementos. After you have served the family, you may have an overwhelming desire to share and talk about your experience. You may also experience a multitude of emotions including sleepless nights. I am available to assist you through your journey and the grief process that will follow.

There are many differences between happy births and loss births. I am here to walk you through those differences and arm you with the information you need to best support your clients through this devastating and life-changing experience. We have an ongoing birth professionals support group at various locations in Denver. Please click here to register for our monthly support group.

WEBINAR on how to support miscarriage and stillbirth coming soon!

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Elizabeth was my support system when I reached out to a local family and offered my services as a birth photographer to photograph their stillborn baby.  It was an emotional experience and I need help processing it.  Elizabeth kept in contact with me during my time with the family and in the weeks after, she has been a huge support system for me and I am very grateful.  Her kind words and honest answers to my questions have been invaluable to me during such a difficult time and I’m in a better place, sooner, because of her help. – Jennifer Mason