October 15th Candlelight Vigil

October 15th 2016 (2)October 15th Pregnancy, Infant, & Child Loss Candlelight Vigil and Remembrance

Hosted by Not Forgotten Little’s Ministry

WHEN: OCTOBER 15, 2023
WHERE: 9471 Dorothy Blvd, Thornton, CO – City Building
TIME: 5-7pm

Light snacks and beverages provided


Ways to hold your own memorial.

  1. Purchase a special candle
  2. At 7pm, on October 15th, light the candle.
  3. Say a prayer or recite a special poem.
  4. Say your baby(ies) name out loud.
  5. Listen to a few songs while watching the candle flicker.
  6. Tell your baby how much you love them and miss them.
  7. Blow out your candle.

We’re sorry so much has been taken and changed over these last two years. Times are challenging.

Dragonflies for Ruby has taken a significant step back due to many of these challenges with regulations and visitors. We’re sorry we cannot be of service to you as you endure your loss. Hopefully in a few years, we will be able to pick up this ministry again. Pax Christi, Elizabeth 

These are pictures from past events.

October 15th Vigil 2
October 15th Vigil 3
October 15th Vigil

Dragonflies For Ruby annually participates in the October 15th Wave of Light for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month and Pregnancy and Infant Los Remembrance Day for the Denver Metro area.