About the Founder

Elizabeth Petrucelli, Stillbirthday Bereavement Doula in Denver, COElizabeth is a certified birth and bereavement doula® (the first in the State of Colorado), a certified childbirth educator, and the author of several books on miscarriage including All That is Seen and Unseen; A Journey Through a First Trimester Miscarriage,  It’s Not “Just” a Heavy Period; The Miscarriage Handbook, and Donum Dignitatis: The Catholic’s Guide to Miscarriage. She has over 70 hours of specialized training in pregnancy loss and bereavement support and has served hundreds of families as a doula. Elizabeth also holds the Psychological First Aid (PFA) certification and is trained in Crisis Intervention. She is compassionate to a family’s needs during this difficult time and assists families as they walk the unknown and unexpected journey of pregnancy loss.

Why the Dragonfly?

Elizabeth has experienced three miscarriages. In 2010, her daughter Ruby Josephine was born in the operating room prior to her D&C. Elizabeth never got to see or hold her and her body was never returned. Elizabeth’s third son Augustus Jude was born in May of 2015 after having passed away in-utero due to Full Triploidy (a fatal condition). While Elizabeth never got to hold Gus, he received a proper burial and service. Elizabeth’s sixth child, Simon Peter, was an early first trimester miscarriage in September 2023.

Elizabeth has 3 living children and understands the complexities of grief through the loss of a child as well as the anxiety that arises with pregnancy and parenting after a loss. Her desire to help others following her personal loss led her to offer bereavement services through her ministry Dragonflies for Ruby. Elizabeth is a member of PLIDA, ICEA, and CAPPA.

It is well known that families who have continuous support throughout their loss have reduced distress and the support they receive improves their functioning and coping. You should never feel you are walking this journey alone.

Dragonflies for Ruby provided services which helped guide families through this unknown territory. Unfortunately, in-person support was discontinued in 2020 due to COVID restrictions and we have been unable to recommit to providing this support. Elizabeth can still connect you with support services and resources, and collaborate with your medical team.

You are not alone!

Dragonflies for Ruby is a ministry. Financial contributions to Dragonflies for Ruby are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions. Please consult your tax adviser.