Umbilical Cord Keepsakes

When a baby dies through miscarriage or stillbirth, we are often left with very little or nothing physical to remember our baby by. It is often not thought of to preserve any of the umbilical cord but this is a very real way to keep a physical link to your baby. There are several options available.

1. Cord dried and presented in a decorative bag. (Cost $45USD)

2. Cord dried and preserved in resin. (Cost: $75USD)

3. Cord dried and preserved in resin jewelry. (Cost: Depends on jewelry chosen)

Right now, this service is only available to babies born via miscarriage or stillbirth. The entire cord does not need to be utilized if you are having it tested. Even with very tiny babies, we can preserve the umbilical cord and create a wonderful umbilical cord keepsake for you to wear or store with your baby’s other mementos.

Photos coming soon!

Circle Bezel Pendant - Silver Plated for Umbilical Cord Keepsake

Here is one pendant that is utilized for this keepsake. The dried cord is placed inside the pendant and is then preserved in resin.

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