Adoption Support/Loss

Support for Adoption

Birth Mothers

Every woman deserves a doula. As a birth mother who has an adoption plan for her baby, I would be honored to assist you through your birth and through your loss (saying goodbye). Choosing life and choosing an adoption plan can be overwhelming and the birth process can often be overlooked. I am available to assist you through all your choices in childbirth, supporting you in a non-judgmental way throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. I am available even if you change your mind in your adoption plans and understand that you have so many choices and fears. I can provide continuity and stability for your birth plans and desires.

Adoptive Parents

Dragonflies For Ruby is available to support you and/or the birth mother through the birth process or “waiting period.” The doula services provided are tailored to meet the special needs of adoptive parents and are physical, informational, and emotional support. I am able to assist you with resources and information about the birth process and choices you may be faced with when it comes to your newborn and bringing your baby home.

Adoption Loss

Sometimes birth mothers change their minds and decide to parent their baby. While this is often a wonderful time to rejoice, it also leaves another family in mourning and suffering a loss of a child they had been dreaming of and planning for. Families often return to a home full of baby gear and attempt to return to “normal.” Friends and family may tell them to “move on” as if this baby didn’t matter and to just “try again” or “find another baby,” but it’s not that easy. Dragonflies For Ruby will help walk with the entire family through this grief by offering personalized support and resources. You will never be told to “move on” but will be offered compassion to help you continue moving forward while grieving this very real loss.