Cuddle Cot Campaign Fundraiser

Dragonflies For Ruby is excited to announce a Cuddle Cot Campaign Fundraiser. There is not a single hospital in the state of Colorado that has a Cuddle Cot. A Cuddle Cot is an amazing device designed to offer family more time with their baby while they are in the hospital. The Cuddle Cot gives a newly grieving family time.

When a person dies, their body begins to deteriorate quickly. Warm temperatures also speed the decomposition process. Many hospitals will routinely send the baby to the morgue or to a refrigerator within their unit. This can be traumatic for the family who would like to spend time with their baby and bond.


With the Cuddle Cot, the baby is placed inside a small bassinet which cools the baby. The baby would never have to leave the room, allowing the family time to bond, bathe, dress, and photograph their baby. There is no separation of baby from the family when the baby is alive, there should be no separation when the baby has died.

The cost of the Cuddle Cot is $3500. Help us by donating to this fund today!