Contract for Services

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Contract for Stillbirthday Birth & Bereavement Doula

Providing support for birth in any trimester.

My Obligations:

§  I will draw on my knowledge and experience to provide emotional support, physical comfort, and be a resource to make sure you have the information you need to make informed decisions.

§  I will answer questions and make suggestions over the phone any time during the process of labor. I will attend your birth if possible.

§  I can provide reassurance and perspective to you, offer suggestions to help labor progress, and help with relaxation, positioning, and other techniques for comfort.

§  I will support both you and your family at all times. I can help them feel confident and informed, giving them ideas on how best to support you, and providing them with rest, reassurance, and reminders to keep nourished. At no time will I “take over” or deliberately exclude them.

§  I will remain with you once active labor has begun, as defined by the doula per trimester or when you are under the care of a provider who determines birth is imminent, until one to two hours after your baby is born, unless you decide you are comfortable and your family is ready for private time together. Your doula may take short breaks for meals and rest if time allows – this will be discussed with you at the time and I will not leave you if it is inappropriate.

§  I will strive to maintain a calm and peaceful birth environment.

§  If you desire, I can serve as an advocate for you in the event that a conflict arises between the decisions you have made for your birth plan and the preferences of the medical personnel or extended family. This excludes any emergency situation that prevents your birth plan from being possible.

§  Immediately after the birth, I will help you in navigating bonding options with your baby.

§  I will assist in providing information and emotional support by telephone on postpartum care, for 6 weeks postpartum.

§  Within the first week after the birth of your baby I will visit you one time at home or in the hospital if you wish. I will answer questions or attempt to give you a referral to the appropriate professional that can meet your needs.

§  All records will be kept personal and confidential.

By signing this contract, you agree to:

§ Have options presented to you as the doula is able.

§ Call me when you think you may be in labor, even if you are not sure, so that I may make arrangements to attend your birth.

§ Understand that a doula will not offer medical advice. If you have any medical concerns, before or during labor, please call your care provider.

§ A contribution/donation is encouraged at the time of the signing of this contract. It is highly encouraged to help ensure Dragonflies For Ruby maintains supplies  and energy for other families, such as keepsake items which may be presented to you.

Failure to provide services:

§ If you contact me to advise that you are in labor in good time, but I do not attend your birth due to an error on my part, I will refund the love offering.

§ If you are unable to reach me when labor begins, please leave a detailed message and call back every 20 minutes.

§ In some circumstances, labor progresses more quickly than anticipated. If you feel that birth is imminent or your baby has been born unexpectedly at home, you agree to first call your care provider or an ambulance to transfer you and your baby to the planned birthing location for evaluation. Once you have made arrangements for transport, please call me and I will meet you there.

§ If your baby arrives unexpectedly at home with me present, you or the father will be responsible for the delivery of your baby. After the birth, I can help you arrange transport by ambulance to the planned birthing location. I am not responsible for delivering your baby or performing any clinical skills related to the delivery of your baby.


§ Your information is kept confidential. Please review the Client Confidentiality agreement.

By signing this contract, you agree that I have discussed all the points herein, you have reviewed the client confidentiality agreement,  and you understand and agree with them. Please call if you have any questions or concerns. I am humbled to share in this journey with you.